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The Problem :: Electrical Transients and Noise

Business today is complex. We rely upon sophisticated electronics and technology for every aspect of our business and personal lives. Not only is the equipment expensive, loss of operation can lead to huge financial impacts… and loss of data may be insurmountable. The bottom line - we depend upon the technology and the information to stay in business in a competitive global marketplace.

Leading insurance companies and electrical industry associations have recognized power surges as one of the leading causes of electrical and electronic equipment damage, catastrophic failure and mis-operation.

Power surges are generated by Utility systems (wind storms, trees branches, rodents, equipment failures, etc.), loads in our facilities and lightning. Facility loads can also generate electrical “noise”, causing electromagnetic interference with other equipment in the same facility.

The Solution :: Surge Suppression, Noise Filtering and Proper Grounding

A properly specified and applied Surge Protection Device (SPD) acts as an electrical valve, diverting harmful surge energy away from the loads, and provides filtering for harmful electrical noise. The right combination of SPD’s installed in a properly grounded system can protect against disruption, degradation, damage, downtime and catastrophic failure generated by electrical surges.

Morris Tech, Inc. team members have over 50 years of combined experience in providing high ROI solutions to data & call centers, telecommunication, industrial, medical, commercial and government facilities. Our recommendations are guided by IEEE Standards & Recommended Practices, insurance industry risk avoidance practices, disaster prevention guidelines and our extensive industry experience in providing proven industry Power Quality solutions.

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